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This adorable little kitten has been semi-resident here for about 10 days now.

She has been christened “Martha” as in Martha and the Vandellas, as our other cat is called Otis, after Otis Redding (christened by previous musical owners!)

Despite trying to find her owners (the village is very small with only about 17 houses) and there being no chip on her, we feel that we are her temporary custodians.



Just a “Martha” update.

We decided to adopt Martha at the end of July, just before we went on holiday, so we went to the vets to get her checked out and also chipped.

He told us she was about 9 months old and was very good health considering how scrawny and malnourished she was when she first started coming to our front door.

The vet suggested that on our return we should get her neutered if we didn’t want any kittens…..well when we got back on August 7th it was TOO LATE!

Martha is now expecting goodness knows how many kittens and we are not even sure when!

Watch this space……..